Monday, July 24, 2017

The Heart's Poetry: When Fools Rush In

When Fools Rush In

When fools rush in, pain comes out, unburied by tears, which red eyes spout

When fools jump forward, the ground moves near

And they’re trampled, underfoot, beneath their fear

Of being rejected, forgotten, despised

The fools so often believe the lies, told by careless, sweet faced doves

Hiding their claws and laughing at love

Which fools all share, with no great care, to receive in turn, an equal fare

Something more than stale thick air, which chokes their necks and brings despair

Raining down upon their face, as bleeding hearts move on in haste

To find another to replace, the missing love which they all waste

On each and every newfound face, for which their foolish hearts may race

Against the time before the fall, comes once again to turn them all, into another mangled doll, that waits for loving hands to hold

Again a heart left in the cold, like a lump of dull shined gold, hidden beneath heaps of coal, never to be adored by a soul

When fools rush in, they close their eyes, and pray to catch a heart which flies

Someday to them with open arms, and burns with flames, to which love swarms

 © 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad

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