Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Heart's Poetry (AUDIOBOOK) Disc 2: "Futile Devotion"

Futile Devotion

So long I’ve been here, waiting at your shoulder
Supporting the weight of your miseries, preventing your collapse

My legs have grown stiff from inaction; my heart has been choked by your hands

What is the reason you hold so tight, that thorny rose which bleeds you dry?

I cannot fathom your fondness for, this evil thing which makes you cry

Are you a lover of despair, addicted to her frozen lips?
Can nothing make you feel alive, if not the torment of her kiss?

Your corpse is breathing in my arms; your blood no doubt runs cold
Within your veins, beneath your skin, around a heart of gold

Faithfully, I’ve been the shadow, matching all your anxious steps
Patiently, I’ve been the wind, lifting you above the fall

But still, somehow, it’s not enough, to be here standing firm
If all I am, a silent rock, for which you’ll never yearn

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Heart's Poetry (AUDIOBOOK) Disc 2: "Into the Flame"

Into the Flame

Sweet dreams make poignant the bitterness of reality, as artificial candy robs good fruit of its charm

Fantastic notions of freedom have no place in this heart, forever bound by duty, beating the bars of guilt

Temptation…trap set open; in the midst of fatuation

There beckoning is my doom, my downfall, my despair

I know well this fatal poison, spreading through my veins

This passion taints my soul, and burns like white hot chains

Here pleading for redemption, I wade through pooling sin

Dark yearnings drag me under; I’m drowning yet again

Breathlessly I scream, in agonizing bliss; all reasons I’ve surrendered, for my destruction’s kiss

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad
It's good to be back. I went a lot of places I did and did not want to be this past year or so when I was AWOL, but I'm back on sound footing (for the most part) now.
I guess you can say I've gone through a series of unfortunate events which have brought me full circle to the start again.

As of now, the online sale of 'The Heart's Poetry' has been put on indefinite hold. I will continue posting works from it though, as well as many other pieces yet to be officially published.

I think its time I get back to basics, honing the craft and experimenting with my style.

I haven't stopped writing in the time I've been away, quite to the contrary.

I am now anxious to share more of myself with you all willing to take a bit of time to listen.

There is only so much stagnation I can take before the frustration of being out-of-it becomes too much.

I need to write. I need to keep writing. I need to release.

Those are the facts and this is me.

Hopefully honesty still counts for something.


Raheema F.K.M