Monday, January 15, 2018

The Heart's Poetry: The Beauty of Black

The Beauty of Black

If all were made the same, all beauty would be lost

Within, you hold all colors, that God has ever crossed

To paint this canvas world, he made you his dark base; and from your blood he drew out every lighter race


You should not curse your skin, your eyes, your hair, your lips…

To mother all mankind you must have ample hips

Your eyes tell of how sweet a soul god gave to you

They’re colored brown as chocolate, molasses pure and true

Your lips were made kiss swollen, luscious, soft for love

Your skin is velvet armor, a shield by time made tough

Your hair is strong like twine, grown wild and never tame; it is your crown of thorns, a precious, tangled mane

Your bones were built to last, to keep you standing tall

No matter how they hate, you’ll still surpass them all

Look now and see the truth; see what you really are

Black beauty loved by time, the night which hold each star

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Heart's Poetry: The Extraction of You

The Extraction of You

Once, long ago, I poured my heart out, right till it emptied; and found the blood therein thick, stagnant, and repulsive

It was so far from the realm of purity, that the seeds of love sprinkled within its putrid soup, had been sapped of all life, and reduced to shells

Envy and jealousy had spread like cancer through my veins, turning what once ran sweet as wine, into a rancid stream of filth

I was thoroughly disgusted with myself

T’was only natural I then disposed of my heart, and all of its rank contents

T’was only natural I cleansed myself of you, and your infecting poison

Rather I be empty, than filled with dross

Rather I be cold, than burned by lust

Rather I be calm, than swept away

Rather I be silent, than curse each day

Only a fool would hold fast to, a heart so polluted by one such as you

By one wont to flutter mindlessly through, fields of red roses, and never stay true

Fool I am not, broken by you

Fool you will never, color me blue

My heart is forsaken, drained fully dry; my mouth holds a smile, for I cannot cry

You’ve made me much stronger than I was before; I emptied you out and locked every door

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Heart's Poetry: For the World

For the World

World be wide, world be small; world be home to us all

Should we not then keep it clean, preserve its soil, help keep it green?

Why pollute the virgin air, which once was pure, and is so rare?

Why let smoke and smog defile, the breath we breathe and turn it vile?

World be full, world be loved; world below us and above

Spacious skies reflect the seas; tender Earth supports stout trees

The many creatures we ignore, they suffer as we feed each war; we fight and fight, destroy our home

This world we know will soon be gone

World be still, world be calm; world provides the healing balm

World is beauty, world gives life; world is mother, God’s dear wife

Are we not all children of, the natural Earth which shows us love?

Which gives us shelter, food to eat; a place to grow and plant our feet?

How then can we be unkind, to this world as old as time?

How then can we rape the Earth, and strip her clean of all her worth?

World be gentle, world forgive

The cruel hearts of those who live

Leeching off your healthy breasts, while stabbing through your bleeding chest
© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad